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The Top Of The French Alps label, choose the excellence

Out of more than 300 French ski resorts, only 16 resorts have received the demanding "Top Of The French Alps" label, which guarantees the best conditions for welcoming visitors. Discover in this article the requirements of this label and the resorts that have received it.

The "TOP of the FRENCH ALPS" label meets strict and demanding criteria aimed at satisfying an international clientele. It was created to facilitate the choice of the place of stay of the visitors coming from the whole world. It meets 6 main criteria and has been received by 16 French resorts out of the more than 300 existing.

The 6 main criteria of the label

1. Ease of access

Resorts must be easily accessible to international customers. This means that train stations and airports with connections to other countries must be close to the resort and that regular transfers from these arrivals must be offered.

2. The performance of ski areas

The equipment of the ski area and its size are also taken into account. The modernity of the ski lifts, the snow cannons, the total length of the slopes, but also the different areas proposed on the slopes (beginner's area, snow park...) are essential elements to acquire this label. In short, theski experience must be in the best resorts in France to be able to claim the label.

3. The large capacity and the comfort of the accommodations

The size of the resort and its capacity to welcome many visitors in great comfort is essential to obtain the label. Indeed, the number of accommodations, their quality and the services they offer condition the obtaining of the label.

4. The variety of infrastructures

The infrastructure that allows non-skiing visitors to enjoy their stay is also taken into account in the criteria for obtaining the label. For example, the presence of a bowling alley, a cinema, discos, swimming pools/spas, sports facilities, etc.

5. The number of international cultural and sporting events

International cultural and sporting events such as exhibitions, sports competitions, festivals, concerts and shows are taken into account in the scale. The resort must host these events and their number will determine the awarding of the label.

6. The diversity of the gastronomic offer

And finally, since we are in France, gastronomy is an essential criterion. Thus, the presence of starred chefs, the variety of restaurants, the presence of regional but also international specialties are required to obtain this quality label.

station de ski Tignes (haute montagne)

The 16 French resorts with the label

Here is the list of the 16 French resorts that have received the Top Of The French Alps label:

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