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7 questions to ask yourself when choosing a ski resort

With more than 300 French ski resorts, it can sometimes be difficult to make a choice. In this article, we help you by giving you the 7 questions to ask yourself to make the right choice.

Faire le choix d'une station

Which ski resort to choose?

All ski and mountain enthusiasts ask themselves the same question every winter. Choosing a resort for your holidays can seem complicated and a long and insurmountable process.

But when you ask yourself the right questions, everything becomes clearer and the choice seems immediately more obvious. Here are the 7 questions to ask yourself when choosing your destination!

Question 1: Who are you going with?

This may seem like an obvious question, but it is a crucial one. If you want everyone to have a good time, you have to think about the people who are coming with you. We recommend that you answer the following questions with the other members of the trip in mind.

If you are one of the people who want to spend a ski holiday with your family, we recommend our article on the "Family Plus" label. The 44 resorts that have received this label are recognized for meeting the expectations of families wishing to enjoy the mountains during their holidays.

Question 2: What activities interest you?

Today, ski resorts offer many different activities other than downhill skiing or snowboarding. Snowshoeing, snowmobile rides, Nordic skiing, biathlon, fat bike... There is something for everyone.

However, not all resorts offer the same number of activities. Knowing what your group wants to do on vacation will determine which resort you choose.

Generally speaking, the larger resorts offer a greater variety of activities. If you want to practice a lot of activities we recommend you our article about the "Top Of The French Alps" label listing the 16 best French resorts.

Question 3: When do you want to leave?

The time of year you choose will determine the rates, the crowds, the weather and the activities offered. Before going any further, determine your availability, your stay will be radically different depending on the period you choose.

To guide you, discover our article "When to go skiing in France?" You will find the best periods to enjoy the mountains.

Question 4: How will you access the station?

Depending on where you live, getting to the ski resort can be more or less difficult. It is important to find out how to get to the resort, but also what transportation is available to get around and to access the facilities needed for your activities.

Many resorts have a shuttle system (often free) to get you to the bottom of the slopes. Nevertheless, the most used means of transportation to get to the resort and then to the bottom of the slopes is the car.

Question n°5 : What is your skiing level?

If you are planning to ski this winter in addition to enjoying the many activities offered in the resort, you should adapt your destination to your level. Although many resorts have beginner areas, the proportion different levels of difficulty (green, blue, red and black slopes) will directly influence the amount of fun you have on the slopes.

You will easily find online the number of trails according to their level of difficulty and the piste map of the resorts. By taking into account your level, you will be able to know if you will be able to ski only on a part of the slopes because of your level or if you will be able to explore the area by taking each of its slopes.

If you want to book a ski lesson to progress during your stay or to get back in shape, find the group and private lessons offered by the Ski Family.

Question 6: What is your budget?

The question of budget usually comes first when we think about our holidays. Although it is not the most important one, it is still a good idea to ask yourself this question when defining your destination. The price of your stay depends on many factors. The size of the resort, its reputation, the size of the ski area and the period are some of the essential elements that determine the price of your holidays.

As said before, you can benefit from advantageous rates and favorable conditions if you choose the period during which you go.

Question n°7 : The atmosphere of the station

Not all resorts have the same atmosphere. Some resorts are known to be festive, others are more family oriented, some are closer to nature or even more sporty. This last question ensures that you will find yourself in an environment that corresponds to the expectations of your holidays.

For families, find our selection of the ideal resorts for family skiing.


Asking the right questions before you start booking will ensure that you have an unforgettable vacation in the mountains. Once you have answered all these questions, you will have a clear idea of your expectations and desires. Then it's time to book your accommodation and the activities you want to participate in.

We are sometimes apprehensive about getting back on skis after several months or years. The best way to have fun and enjoy your stay is to feel confident on the slopes. Sometimes it is necessary to take a private lesson for an hour or two to get back on track.

Don't hesitate to call on the Ski Family to help you regain your confidence or improve your skiing or snowboarding skills.

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