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The family plus label, a certification for ski resorts

The main audience of ski resorts is without a doubt families. Bringing parents and children together in a warm, fun-filled environment is the main mission of ski resorts. And families have very specific needs. To meet these needs, the family plus label was created to certify the quality of ski resorts to welcome families.

Label famille plus

The family plus label was created to meet the many needs of families in ski resorts. This label was born in 2006 from the partnership between 3 associations of tourist communities:

  • The National Association of Elected Officials of Tourist Territories,
  • The National Association of Mayors of Mountain Resorts,
  • The French Federation of Green Holiday Resorts and Snow Villages

Since its inception, the Family Plus label has continued to develop in France. Every year, new resorts obtain the label when they effectively meet the needs of families. Today, 44 resorts have the family plus label, in the Alps, the Pyrenees, and even the Vosges and the Jura.

Several criteria are necessary for a resort to be labeled. These criteria concern the quality of reception, the animations and activities, the awareness of the heritage and all the services included in the resort (bar, restaurants, shops, accommodations, etc...).

This family plus label naturally pushes the ski resorts upwards. The certification offers an increase in the notoriety and visibility of the resort in question.

But what are the real commitments of this family plus label?

The commitments of the Family Plus label

The importance of family vacations in ski resorts, for the moments of sharing and discovering, makes it necessary to offer the best welcome.

This is where the family plus label comes in.

The certification allows ski resorts to differentiate themselves on the resort tourism market and to ensure a good quality of welcome to meet the needs of families on site. To ensure that the family ski holiday is as qualitative as possible.

The Family Plus label is based on 6 commitments to families and ski resorts:

1) A personalized welcome for families

2) Activities adapted for all ages

3) From the smallest to the largest: to each his own tariff

4) Activities for young and old to experience, together or separately

5) All shops and services at hand

6) Children pampered by our professionals

It is these 6 commitments that have built the credibility of the label.

The Family Plus label is now recognized on a national and international scale. According to the label's figures, 43% of the families questioned are aware of the label, with nearly 1 out of 2 indicating that the label plays a decisive role in their choice of ski resort.

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