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Ski equipment

To get the best ski experience, it is important to choose the right equipment for your level. In this article, we will help you understand the main criteria for choosing your equipment.

Matériel de ski

Ski equipment is an essential part of winter sports. Having the right equipment is to ensure safety and pleasure. If your boots are not suitable, you will suffer. And if your equipment is not good, it will have a significant impact on your skiing sensation. Whether it is your skis, your snowboard, or your pants, your equipment must be of quality.

The Ski family will help you make the right choices!

Find here our advices and our good plans in order to choose your equipment at the right place, and at the right price!

Ski clothing

Before leaving for skiing, it is important to choose suitable clothing that you are not necessarily used to wearing. City jackets, for example, are rarely adapted to sporting conditions.

Your ski jacket and pants are very important for you to have a good experience in the snow. Indeed, it will allow you to keep warm and dry. Skiing weather is not always favorable, which is why many brands offer highly technical ski wear.

The criteria to take into account when choosing a ski suit are breathability, waterproofness and insulation.
Breathability will allow the evacuation of perspiration and therefore sweat efficiently. Choose a jacket with a high breathability index, which will ensure good moisture transfer.

Waterproofing will allow you to stay dry, whatever the weather conditions. Depending on your practice, if you spend a lot of time off-piste and especially in the powder, make sure that your suit has a high waterproof rating.

Finally, the insulation will help resist the cold and wind. This is an important factor when you are at altitude.

How to choose a ski jacket?

Ski boot

The ski boot is an essential part of your outfit. It is going to be determining to ensure you a good support as well as a comfort at the level of the foot.

The features to consider when choosing a shoe are the size, flex and options it offers:

The size: the size of the ski boot is essential to feel comfortable in it. It is important to measure the exact length of your foot and then take a boot that fits perfectly.
The flex: it measures the rigidity of the boot, and can vary from 60 to 150. To choose the flex of a ski boot, you must take into account your level. The more experienced you are in skiing, and the more rigidity you will need to allow you a good support on your skis.
Options: some ski boots have an option that makes it easier for skiers to walk.

Choosing a ski boot that will fit your foot is essential. However, it is important to take into account your ski level when choosing your boot, in order to define your needs.

For a beginner to intermediate skier, soft ski boots with a low flex will do the trick. They will be light, comfortable and easy to use.

For a skier on the slopes with a good level, the ideal would be to choose a boot with a significant flex which will offer you a good rigidity.

Finally, if you want to improve the comfort of your ski boots, you should know that many brands offer a thermoformable liner. The liner is heated to adapt to the shape of your foot. Thus, this custom liner will give you a better support when skiing.

Ski and poles

Here again, the choice of skis will depend on your level on the slopes.

Beginner skiers: beginners prefer to stay on the slopes to learn the basics, so choose a pair of skis that are light enough. In terms of length, choose skis that are 10 to 15 cm shorter than your height, so that you can handle them more easily.

Advanced and expert skiers: In this case, it is advisable to choose a pair of skis adapted to all types of terrain, so that the skier is comfortable on the piste as well as off-piste. You can also choose longer skis that will give you more stability and support.

Is the choice of ski poles important?
If you take lessons with a ski school, do not hesitate to ask them if poles are necessary. Because if they are most often essential, it can be good to start without.

They provide stability and reassurance for those new to the slopes. They also give you a dynamic rhythm and better support to the more experienced.

To choose the right stick, it must be the right size. Here, the principle is simple: hold the stick on the ground, straight in front of you, if your arm is bent at a right angle, it is the right size!
It can be made of various materials, from the strongest to the lightest. If you are a beginner, simple aluminum sticks will do perfectly.

Helmet & goggles

The ski helmet will allow you to ski safely on the slopes. It will offer you protection against bad falls, as well as keeping your head warm.
To choose your ski helmet, it is best to go and try it on in a store. You will find a helmet adapted to your morphology, which will meet your expectations. If you don't have a ski helmet, you can rent one from a ski rental store.

Concerning the mask, protecting your eyes from the sun's reflection on the snow is essential. It is therefore not possible to go on the slopes without a mask or sunglasses.

The mask is more covering and often more protective than glasses. Indeed, unlike glasses, it offers a wider sun protection since it covers the whole field of vision. It also protects part of the face from UV rays. You can opt for a model with good coverage, which will protect the eyes from the sun, but also the entire upper face. These masks offer you total protection against ultraviolet rays.

In addition, some models offer screens that adapt to all weather conditions. You will also have the advantage of an anti-fog system. The main drawback of the mask is its size. If you choose to wear a helmet, make sure that the mask is neither too wide nor too narrow for it.

Nevertheless, for those who prefer to have something lighter on the nose, ski goggles are also available. Note that the so-called "classic" sunglasses do not protect against ultraviolet rays in the mountains. Again, be careful to choose a category 3 model. From a more practical point of view, avoid the branches of glasses which could be annoying.

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Ski Family est noté 4,9/5 pour la qualité de son service client. Vous pouvez poser toutes vos questions ici, nous serons là pour vous aider.

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