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How to choose a ski jacket?

During the winter season, the risks related to snow, ice and even cold are numerous. It is often difficult to choose which ski clothing to wear when faced with the plethora of products and brands on the market. So, here are our tips to become, and stay, at the top on the slopes.

Veste Millet

What we recommend for skiing

First of all, it is important to choose a ski jacket that protects you from moisture, cold and bad weather without neglecting your comfort. Thus, the system of 3 layers is the most recommended:

  • A first layer that must perfectly fit your body. Also called technical layer, it must allow a good transpiration and a better regulation of your temperature.
  • A second layer that must be insulating to keep you warm. This intermediate jacket plays a big role in any ski practice.
  • A protective layer that protects you from the elements. It must be waterproof to guarantee better protection against wind, snow or rain. It must be breathable and offer several air vents.

There are several criteria when choosing a ski jacket. The waterproofness of the fabric, the ventilation zips (to let fresh air in), the snow skirt (to avoid any snow penetration), the wrist tightenings (to avoid wind penetration through the sleeves), the zipper, the thermal lining (synthetic or natural, the choice will depend on your needs), the RECCO tag (to track you in case of an accident) and the list is not exhaustive to show you how important the choice of a ski jacket is

What Millet recommends

In your choice, Millet offers traditional ski jackets that are suitable for all types of skiing. Whatever the weather conditions on the slopes or after skiing, this type of ski clothing is versatile. However, if you like lifts, hiking or unmarked slopes, the Hardshell is recommended by Millet. It is characterized by its high-end fabrics, glued seams and zippers. Millet also recommends the 3-in-1 jacket for all skiing in regions where the weather is not well controlled. All of these types of Millet jackets are available on the Snow-concept online store. You will easily find the right garment for your ski, in terms of color, size or gender. It offers Millet Lake Wds Windstopper jackets, Millet Track Softshell, Millet Pierra Softshell, Millet Freerando X Shield Softshell jackets, and many more. Millet Trilogy X Wool fleeces and many others.

What Millet does to optimize your choice

Millet jackets are suitable for all routes. Our teams will be able to guide you better if your program is established in advance. Of course, the activities will also change according to the situation on the ground. Rest assured, you'll always have the appropriate clothing, even if your schedule changes at the last minute.

Moreover, a stay in the high mountains offers the opportunity to immortalize the landscape and to take unforgettable pictures. In addition to the technical criteria, it is essential to enjoy yourself. Select the jacket that best suits your body type. Our designers have created several models. Some cuts are particularly suitable for women.

Buying a Millet jacket is a worthwhile investment. Take the time to consult our catalog or tell our team your needs. After an initial selection, you can finalize your choice by comparing the qualities of two or three models.

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Ski Family est noté 4,9/5 pour la qualité de son service client. Vous pouvez poser toutes vos questions ici, nous serons là pour vous aider.

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