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Course of a ski lesson

Among us, ski instructors, we often hear "learning to ski is long and complicated". It's true that the first runs on skis can be impressive at first. At the end of these few words, prepared by the Ski Family, you will know what to expect during your first week of skiing, or that of your children.

cours de ski

Learning process during a ski lesson:

First of all, the instructor will check if the level of the group at his disposal has a homogeneous level. If it is not the case, don't worry, there is always the possibility to change group.

Ski Family ski lessons:

After giving you some safety instructions your instructor will guide you to a flat area near the Ski Family meeting point. The small group of skiers will focus on two things:

  • The equipment. It is important to get familiar with the equipment before moving on to the next part of the course. The introduction to skiing will start with learning the basics of all the little technical gestures useful in everyday life, such as walking with skis or putting on skis on a slight slope. This first step is essential to start the ski course.
  • The second step is to find your balance. It is at this point in the lesson that you will discover the ideal position for skiing. A good balance on the skis leads to better reactions and a better adjustment of the body according to the different types of snow or the different slopes. Once the first runs are made, the ski course can definitely begin.

cours de ski

Once the whole group has passed these first steps, the instructor will guide you to the beginners' area near the meeting point.

The beginners' area is where you can experience your first taste of skiing. And it is here that you, your children and other apprentices in your group of budding skiers can make your first move.

During this first part of the ski course, you will learn the different ways to brake, starting with the snowplow, to avoid ending up in the trees...

Once you have mastered the snowplow, you will gradually learn how to brake while skidding.

Very quickly during your ski lesson, the instructor will explain to you the importance of controlling your speed. This is why braking is one of the most important movements in skiing.

You will participate in small agility games, such as a route with the objective of catching flags, or passing between different doors (slalom type).

cours de ski enfant

In the middle of the week, the beginner group will be able to safely start riding in the resort on slopes adapted to the participants' levels. The green and blue runs will be within your reach. You will discover the feeling of freedom that all skiers experience during this ski lesson.

On the last day of the ski course, the instructor gives a detailed and individual report of the week. And, of course, a medal is given to each student as a reward for their good progress.

The Ski Family method:

At the Ski Family we believe that having a small group of students is crucial to learning to ski. With an average of 7 students in a ski class, the instructor's good advice is easily passed on and meeting new people is also easier.

Every day, you will have access to a detailed report of your progress as well as many photos on the Ski Family application.

The atmosphere is important, and learning to ski while having fun is the most effective method. Feel free to join the group with a friend. Our advice is to come with friends with similar ski levels.

Types of Ski Family group lessons:

Children's group lessons:

You came to ski with children? The Ski Family offers group ski lessons for all levels for children from 5 to 13 years old. Of course, at the end of these lessons, students are awarded with a level medal!

Adult group lessons:

For people over 13 years old, the Ski Family offers group ski lessons for adults.

Private ski lessons:

You can also choose to progress with private lessons. A ski instructor is then entirely dedicated to you.

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Vous ne trouvez pas la réponse ?

Ski Family est noté 4,9/5 pour la qualité de son service client. Vous pouvez poser toutes vos questions ici, nous serons là pour vous aider.

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