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How to learn ski to his child?

This is usually winter holiday they will remember! ! The first descents, the speed, the first turns, starting to ski, you can't forget. But it goes through a learning process. Here are a few tips to help you.

At what age can my child start skiing?

Within the Ski Family, we offer group ski lessons for children from 5 years old. Your children will be in a ski lesson with young skiers with the same skiing experience as them.

How to start the lessons with peace of mind ?

At the beginning of the week, parents accompanying their children may be more stressed than the child himself.

If this is the case, don't worry! Here are a few tips to make the first lesson as easy as possible:

If your child is used to playing, running, and doing some regular physical activity, it's a good sign! He will quickly have fun on the slopes.

And of course the most important thing is to want to! Progress on your child's skis will be much quicker if your child enjoys himself.

Before get to the resort, build up the excitement a bit and show to your children a short video of a beginner's ski lesson. This can also calm even the most anxious children.

Do not forget the right equipment :

When you arrive in the resort, after dropping off your belongings in your accommodation, your next step is to rent your equipment. All you have to do is give to the skiman your children's level, so he could offer you the right equipment for your children to start skiing.

In addition to the equipment, you can give your children a small bottle of water and a cereal bar which they will be happy to consume on the chairlift. In case of bad weather, the instructor can take your children to a refuge to warm up. In this case, he will be happy to find in his pocket something to buy a good hot chocolate.

Ski equipment is heavy !

The equipment can be impressive and a little cumbersome for a child who is just starting to ski. It is therefore important that your children learn to become familiar with their equipment. If you can, start teaching them how to put skis on and how to walk with skis and poles. If possible, let your children carry their equipment, this is the first step in learning to ski.

Safety is a priority !

When children start skiing, it is essential to have them start on suitable slopes for their safety. This can be either through the kindergarten or on the green slopes. They should therefore stay all week on marked slopes adapted to their level.

Lessons are the safest and most effective option to start with! In this way, the ski instructor is always with our child and keep an eye on them. At the Ski Family school we offer group ski lessons to introduce your child to skiing in complete safety. Our instructors pay particular attention to people, thanks to our average of 6 children per lesson.

Why learn with a professional ski intructor?

The goal for your child is to be able to enjoy the pleasures of sliding quickly and safely. Ski lessons given by a professional ski instructor will enable them to reach this level more quickly than if you teach them yourself.

The mountain involves risks! The role of the instructor is to teach skiing but also to familiarise children with the dangers of the mountains.

You too are on holiday! Take advantage of the time when your children are learning to ski to rest or, of course, to ski.🤗

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Ski Family is rated 4.9/5 for the quality of its customer service. You can ask all your questions here, we will be there to help you.

You can't find the answer?

Ski Family is rated 4.9/5 for the quality of its customer service. You can ask all your questions here, we will be there to help you.

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