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Risoul : skiing with your family, in the nature !

Located at an altitude of 1850 meters, with 185 km of slopes, Risoul is one of the major resorts in the Hautes-Alpes. We describe the main specificities of the resort thanks to the analyses of Philippe Bossa, ski instructor and Risoul lover.

Snow and sun: a resort made for skiing

Risoul ski area extends over almost 1000 meters of elevation, with 80% of the slopes above 2000 meters. This geographical situation guarantees a high level of snow cover for most of the season.

The resort is built in a natural cirque, which offers holidaymakers a wide exposure and therefore a very good amount of sunshine. At Risoul, it is possible to ski under the sun all day long, which is appreciable at high altitude.

Paysage ski (soleil rasant)

A family ski resort

Risoul 1850 is built around a single snowfront. This configuration is safe for families, because there is very little chance of getting lost. It also makes it easier to get around and find your way around the slopes.

Very early, Risoul favoured the development of a family clientele, and adapted its offer accordingly. Its shopping streets are pleasant and are on a human scale. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. In the resort, everyone knows and respects each other.

Several activities in winter, apart from downhill skiing

In winter, the resort has developed, over the years, many other outdoor sports activities for holidaymakers who wish to discover the area in a different way.

The main outdoor activities, except alpine skiing :

  • 2 cross-country skiing itineraries, both traditional and skating. These are forest roads, and another near to the lake of the Prés du Laus.
  • These itineraries of about 15km can also be done on foot.
  • There is also a well-maintained ski touring track. And of course many other off-piste possibilities
  • Snowshoeing itineraries
  • Dogsleds rides
  • A natural ice rink on the snowfront
  • A new water sports facility at Ski Seo
  • Toboggan runs at the bottom of the resort

Chiens de traineaux (ski)

Ski in a natural environment

One of the particularity of Risoul is to offer an natural environment. The area is largely crossed by pine and larch forests. The field has been little transformed and the tracks follow essentially natural ways.

For me, Risoul is a paradise for beginners and intermediate skiers with its many green and blue slopes. But it is also an ideal place for off-piste lovers in the forest and lovers of wide open spaces and nature.

Ski en forêt (hors-piste)

Unique landscapes in Southern Alps

In the heart of the Hautes-Alpes, Risoul reveals amazing landscapes all over the Alps. At the top of the ski area, the view from the top of the Pic de Chabrière (2746m) offers the most beautiful point of view towards the massif des écrins. In the middle of the Alpine arc, you can discover the Mont-Blanc, a good part of the Italian Alps and the hinterland of Nice...

A young ski resort, with an hamonious architecture

Born in the early 1970s, the resort was created almost 10 years after its neighbour Vars, and well after most of the major Savoyard resorts. This enabled it to avoid some architectural pitfalls.

Moreover, the buildings are built in a homogeneous style of wood and Guillestre stone, and do not exceed 7 floors. The accomodations are particularly well integrated into the landscape.

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Ski Family is rated 4.9/5 for the quality of its customer service. You can ask all your questions here, we will be there to help you.

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