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How to become a ski instructor?

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The ski instructor is a sports educator who teaches skiing, but also snowboarding, to children and adults.



Entry into the preparatory cycle: the dreaded test of the Technical Test

The beginning of pedagogical learning

The Eurotest test:


Translated as a 10-day pedagogy course in the station where you will learn the basics of teaching ranging from beginner to class 2. At the end of this course, an evaluation of the movements and terms learned during the training will be done

Runner during technical test

To become a ski instructor you must hold the State Ski Diploma.

Obtaining it requires a very good level of skiing. Indeed,

for the first tests of the monitor it will be strongly

advised to have acquired many years (often in

ski club) in order to obtain the required level of the test

Technical. The latter is accessible from 17 years old

gone. This is a timed slalom which it is

required to do 25% of opener time to be


Finally, the last step of the preparatory cycle: the eurotest. You will find

as for the technical test a competition test. It’s an ordeal

timed very often considered the most technical event of all

diploma. This is a time-tested giant slalom set by the

openers. A time of 20% of this time will be required for women, and 17%

for men.

Runner during the eurotest


4 weeks of internship:


A pedagogy focused on competition:

the goal of these weeks will be to prepare the future instructor to meet the requirements

essential for teaching skiing at all levels and for skiing and

snowboard. In addition, the future instructor will be evaluated in a free descent all snow where

trainers will observe his technique, his commitment, as well as his adaptation

to different types of terrain (soft snow, hard snow, bumpy snow, etc.). Once this

validated internship, it is access to the second and final cycle of training.

During this cycle, it is mainly taught the pedagogy relating to ski racing.

It begins with a first course entitled "the trassage", spread over a week, where he will be

dedicated to learning the slalom and giant tracing.