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SuperDévoluy children's ski lessons

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10 children maximum

For more effective learning, our group lessons are limited to 10 per group.

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From 5 years

We accompany apprentice skiers on the slopes of Dévoluy from 5 years old.

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Pictures of your children

Souvenirs also matter! The instructors will take some photos and videos of your children on the slopes.

Find out about availability at SuperDévoluy

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Find out about availability at SuperDévoluy

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Our prices

SuperDévoluy children's group lesson prices

Group ski lessons for children start on the snow front, thanks to the beginners area at SuperDévoluy. With the first child beginners at the foot of the Aurouze wood, children quickly take pleasure on their skis.

Select your lesson :
Rates 💶


165€ / person


165€ / person

Hours 🕒

Morning: 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Afternoon: 2:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Start Sunday or Monday

Pros 👍

2h30 per day to progress quickly

Small groups of 10 people maximum

Rates 💶


149€ / person


149€ / person

Hours 🕒

Hours: 11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Duration of each lesson: 2h

Weekly lessons

Pros 👍

Less expensive at noon

10 participants maximum per group

Start on Sunday or Monday

The new generation of ski lessons

SuperDévoluy group ski lessons

The ESI Ski Family SuperDévoluy offers group ski lessons in small groups. By taking ski lessons at our school, you have access to the Ski Family application to find information about your lesson.

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  Photos and videos of the ski lesson

The only SuperDévoluy group lessons where you collect the photos and videos of your sessions on the snow taken by the instructor. You will find them on the Ski Family application.

SuperDévoluy group lesson
  ESI instructors

Our school is part of the International Ski School (ESI) network. Our instructors at SuperDévoluy are state graduates, experienced and eager to help you progress!

SuperDévoluy children's ski group
  Small groups

For 40 years, ESI schools have limited their group lesson groups to a maximum of 10 people to ensure more effective learning and to ensure that no student is left behind.

The ski family
Welcome to the family ski in SuperDévoluy

We learn better when we are well surrounded!

Book your ski lesson à SuperDévoluy

All our lessons

The other ski lessons at SuperDévoluy

Meeting point

Meeting point in SuperDévoluy

The meeting point is on the main snow front, near the Tourist Office. From the "De La Roche chairlift"

If you cannot find your instructor, do not hesitate to call the school who will be happy to guide you.

Find the instructors in blue with the ESI jackets, in front of the ESI banner.

Group ski lessons for children in Superdévoluy

In Superdévoluy, ESIs learn to ski in groups starting between 5 and 10. We make a point of organizing groups by age and level, as much as possible. This allows us to guarantee a friendly and good-natured atmosphere, and to help everyone progress in the best conditions.

Concretely, the first lesson will be used to adjust the levels. After a few first runs, the instructors have analyzed the level of their students, and are likely to review the organization of groups of children if necessary. It may therefore be

Ski lessons at SuperDévoluy

The Ski Family reviews the way ski lessons go, or rather, how everything is done outside of the lesson. Because the support of children by the ski school also requires a closer relationship with the instructor and with the environment of the resort.

Before the lesson:

Included in the price of the lesson, our mobile application gives you the information of your ski lesson (time, date, instructor file, etc.)

The first day, the meeting is given in front of the banner ESI SuperDévoluy, at the foot of the residence of the wood of Aurouze.

You must have your ski pass and your equipment, especially the helmet, which is compulsory up to the age of 13.

During the class :

When he has a moment, the instructor takes a picture of the children on the skis to send them to you as soon as he has the network. Your child can find themselves on the magnificent trail of the plateau du pin, on the outskirts of the resort, on the edge of the forest, and you can receive their photo while you are quietly seated on the terrace. Friendly, right?

Afterwards, the instructors have no obligation to do so, and they remain first and foremost focused on their lessons and on the progress of the students. But they also do this job to leave good memories for their students!

After class :

After the lesson, we also send you tips, stories or explanations in the app that you can share with your children. Teaching children to ski at SuperDévoluer also means talking to them about the mountains and the history of this unique place.

Of lesson, the traditional medal is offered on the last day of lessons, to crown the success of your little skiers.

Other children's lessons in Superdévoluy

ESI SuperDévoluy also offers other types of ski and snowboard lessons.

If you want an instructor just for you, choose a SuperDévoluy private lesson. The instructor will be able to adapt even more to your child's needs: beginners' lessons, snowpark, red runs, competition or freeride lessons, everything is possible with the Ski Family instructor.

And the Ski Family does not forget snowboard enthusiasts. At SuperDévoluy, you also have the opportunity to participate in snowboard lessons.

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