Covid-19 full refund guaranteed

After a season 2019-2020 of mixed results, ski resorts expect to catch themselves up in the 2020-2021 season, despite of the current context and health restrictions. A plan has been drawn up in ski resorts, to ensure that the pleasures of the mountains are maintained as well as possible, while respecting health measures.

Last year, the covid-19 containment and crisis considerably shortened the ski season. Ski resorts had to close their doors from 17 March 2020. Many people were asked to cancel their stays. An economic disaster for the ski resorts.

This year, there is no lockdown (for the moment), but health safety measures are taken to keep ski resorts open and allow people enjoy as well as possible their stays in the mountains.

The protocol set up in the ski

Barrier gestures are now part of our daily life. As skiing and snow sports in general taking place outdoors, they encourage the maintenance of these barrier gestures. In particular thanks to the clothing (gloves, neck cover, etc...) and equipment (helmet, mask, etc...) needed to practice these sports. In 2020, we have to learn to live with covid-19, even in ski resorts. To do this, several measures are being implemented in resorts.

First of all, the wearing of the mask will be compulsory in buses / shuttles, tin queues and on ski lifts, in shops, in buildings (common areas, public spaces), and finally in bars and restaurants.

About the ski lifts, in addition to the compulsory wearing of masks, the contact areas will be disinfected at least once a day.

At equipment rental companies, the equipment will also be disinfected after each return and before each rental. Hydro-alcoholic gel will of course be made available, as in all shops.

In bars and restaurants, service will be seated only. Masks must be worn when moving around, and frequent disinfection of contact surfaces will be set up.

Organisation of ski schools

Same fight in ski schools. A special organisation will be required. Wearing a mask will be compulsory during the gatherings, at the beginning and end of the lessons, for instructors and clients from 11 years old. Schools are committed to a complete disinfection of the rented equipment (bibs, etc...). For the rest, the lessons will take place without any particular change. The instructor will be responsible for enforcing the measures against covid-19 on his clients.

With Ski Family, you will receive a full refund from the moment the course is cancelled due to a positive Covid 19 case, or if you cannot travel due to measure taken by your country.

The Alps, a privileged destination in Europe

With the spread of covid-19 around the world, it is become increasingly difficult to travel. The situation is similar with ski resorts. Some parts of the world have banned or restricted skiing. Canada and the United States, for example, have banned foreign skiers from their territory. Other countries such as Germany and Switzerland have a quarantine pending the result of a test that has been carried out beforehand.

So it is France that should be privileged this year. The Alps seem to be the perfect compromise since Italy does not introduce any particular rules. Moreover, Alps offer a significant diversity in terms of landscapes, and especially in terms of ski resorts. You have a wide choice.

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