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Aurélien notre moniteur de ski du Mont Blanc Natural Resort

Aurélien, our ski instructor at Mont Blanc Natural Ressort, is waiting for winter to arrive so that he can give both group and private lessons on the Mont Blanc slopes where our travelling instructor is staying for this ski season...

Discover the course of our Mont Blanc monitor

Aurélien moniteur ski

Born between the mountains in Sallanches, Aurélien grew up in Haute Savoie near Samoens. At the age of 2 he was already skiing with his parents who initiated him very early, making the practice of Alpine skiing a passion from a very young age.

In addition to Alpine Skiing, Aurélien is immersed in sports, between swimming, water sports and Alpine Skiing he found the time to join the ski club of Morillon, near Flaine in a small family resort. Before becoming a ski instructor, Aurélien followed his schooling in a special ski study college, then integrated the high school of La Motte Servolex where he validated a BAC in 4 years to be able to ski more intensively and validate his ski monitorat.

Ski instructor but not only! Aurélien was a swimming instructor in Thônes, then trained in kayaking and rafting, activities he practices through the family business based between Samoens and Passy. Aurélien is therefore a passionate of sliding sports and thus a river guide in addition to being on skis in winter season.

After obtaining his diploma, our Mont Blanc natural ski instructor took off for China where he was able to give ski lessons with Club Med, a way for him to open up and discover a totally different environment from the French model! Aurélien is very resourceful, he is very open thanks to the many trips he has undertaken in his life, as well as the different sports he has practiced.

What is Aurélien's favorite part of being a ski instructor?

Our part-time rafting specialist also chose to become a ski instructor for the pleasure of teaching in general and more specifically to transmit his passion. For Aurélien, the fact of seeing the clients evolve between the beginning of the course/week and the final result is a real pleasure. Wanting to teach and transmit his passion is also wanting to share this special moment with the client, a child or an adult.

Beyond the teaching of alpine skiing...

Being at the foot of Mont Blanc this winter, the notion of respect for the environment and ecological awareness is very important because of the climate changes that impact our glaciers. Being able to give ski lessons in Chamonix allows us to have an incredible working environment and to make the youngest and the oldest aware of the respect of the environment. Aurélien is very sensitive to nature and the mountain, every summer he collects the waste left on the paths and ski slopes.

Finally, the main goal for Aurélien is to be able to share an excellent moment with you, of pleasure on the skis, of sharing and knowledge.

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Vous ne trouvez pas la réponse ?

Ski Family est noté 4,9/5 pour la qualité de son service client. Vous pouvez poser toutes vos questions ici, nous serons là pour vous aider.

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